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You’ve reached the online home of Brad Tyer Editorial.

I’m a journalist, writer and editor (and hobbyist picture taker, canoe paddler, bike rider, book reader, tennis burnout, record player, Instant Potter and dog coddler).

I do freelance editing in a variety of modes — conceptual editing, copy editing, proofreading and peer review — for a variety of publishers and individuals. I have 25 years’ professional experience as an editor and working writer, mostly with newspapers, magazines and book publishers. My strong suits are nonfiction broadly and journalism specifically, though I’ve worked on everything from YA novels to medical journal articles to press releases.

Current and recent projects include developmental consulting for Patagonia Booksessaying for the Los Angeles Review of Books, codifying an organizational style guide for the Montana Budget & Policy Center, editing and copy editing for the Montana Free Press and the Long Streets Project, and copy editing the Texas Observer.

If you’re a writer, business or nonprofit looking to make sure your copy reads the way you want it to, you’ve come to a good place. If you’re an author or publisher in search of an experienced editor or proofer, you’ve found one.

If you have a project I can help with, I’d be pleased to hear from you at bradtyer at gmail.